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Dead Trigger 2 – Walkthrough, Wiki, FAQ and Beginner’s Guide, Part 3

Welcome to part three of the Dead Trigger 2 beginner’s guide! Click here to go back to part 2 of the guide.

There are many different types of stages that you can play. You have to play and beat the story stages in order to advance the game forward and unlock new areas. Luckily, you can play them (as well as every other stage) in easy, medium, or hard mode, and it doesn’t matter what difficulty level you play because if you win, you still advance forward.

Defend stages will require you to spend a set amount of time killing zombies and trying not to get killed. Assault stages will require you to kill a set amount of zombies. Escort stages will require you to protect a person or persons from being killed by zombies. Supply run stages will require you to gather supplies and load them in the vehicle. Sentinel stages will require you to take a position as a sniper on top of your hideout, killing a specific number of zombies or killing zombies for a set amount of time. Seek and destroy stages will give you a target to destroy, such as a loudspeaker.

While you don’t have to play in harder difficulty levels to advance the story, you do earn more money if you beat a stage in that higher difficulty level. Upgrading your tech guy increases the mission rewards as well. Zombies will drop either money or ammo as you kill them, and minibosses that don’t drop a blueprint piece will drop a massive amount of money. In addition, there are piggy banks hidden all over each stage. Shoot them and you’ll earn a large money reward. They will be in a different spot every time, though.

Tap on the book icon in the upper left corner of the screen when you are in the map area to see all of the current quests. Completing quests will earn you additional rewards, including explosive devices that haven’t even been unlocked yet.

Zombie killing events are global raids which require a certain number of zombies to be killed, so if you are stuck with no more story stages left, know that more of them will appear after the zombie killing raids are over. Play any of the levels in red to participate in the event and to pad your zombie killing stats. The more zombies that you kill and the more that you participate, the higher your reward will be.

That’s about it for Dead Trigger 2! Enjoy the game!

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