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Jewel Mania – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Jewel Mania is a new match three game by TeamLava, who is most famous for games such as Dragon Story and Farm Story. This game will appeal to fans of Candy Crush Saga and to puzzle games in general, as the gameplay is a similar match-three premise. There are hundreds of levels to play, with more being added all the time, and it doesn’t take long for them to get difficult. Read on for some tips and tricks for Jewel Mania!

One way that this game is tougher than Candy Crush is that you can’t ask your friends for energy on Facebook. Once you are out of energy, you have to either wait for it to come back or pay with gold to get it back. Surprisingly, though, this game is fairly generous when it comes to gold. You can earn quite a bit of it by earning keys to unlock the treasure chest by completing the optional challenges for each stage. Plus, you can earn a significant amount of coins that way too.

Go coin farming when you get low on energy. When you have only one or two energy left, go back to one of the easier stages in the game, then play it over and over, earn at least two stars each time so that you get back the energy that you spend on the stage, and rack up the coins on each of those stages.

Use those coins to buy power ups later on, on a tougher stage, especially when you want to earn at least 2 stars and thus get back the energy that you spent on the stage. Get enough coins, and you can spend them on power ups on every stage, making it very easy to earn at least two stars per stage, essentially keep playing the game indefinitely.

Know your special gems and what happens when you combine special gems. Combining two row-blaster or two column blaster gems is worthless, as it only blasts one row or one column. Combine a row blaster and a column blaster to blast one row and one column at the same time. Combine one bomb and one row- or column-blaster and you’ll knock out three rows and three columns all at once. Combine two bombs for an extra-large blast.

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Magic Diamonds, as you may know, will knock off all of one color from the board. These are best combined with the color that is the most common on the board, because it will take out a huge quantity of residual combos afterwards. However, if you combine two Magic Diamonds together, you will knock out every single jewel on the board.