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Candy Blast Mania Tricks and Tips Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Candy Blast Mania is a new puzzle game for the iPhone and iPad. The gameplay is fairly similar to Farm Heroes Saga, except with candy shapes instead of with farm crops. As you play this game, you progress through literally hundreds of stages, with the levels getting harder and harder as you go. You earn plenty of boosts and bonuses along the way, but even so, this is still a very difficult game. Read on for some tips and tricks for Candy Blast Mania!

Your goal is to collect candies of a certain color, however, if you see a match of four or five on the board that is not one of your needed colors, go for that match anyways. Matching four in a row will give you a green sugar, and if you make a match on that tile, one digit will be added to every one of your collectible candy on the board. If you matched five in a row, you will make a rainbow tile, which will knock out every candy of the next color that is matched on top of it. If you make a match of five in a T shape or an L shape, you will make a red blaster tile, which will knock out one row and one column when a match is made over it.

When you get to a level where you have to knock out jawbreakers, try to aim your matches so that you knock out more than one jawbreaker at a time. Knock out the jawbreakers before you concentrate on knocking off candy that you have to collect, because after you knock out a jawbreaker, there is more room for pieces to fall on the board, which will often lead to automatic matches.

If you lose a level, or if you have to start over in the middle of a level, you will lose one energy, and the only way to get your energy back is to wait for it to regenerate, or to spend your hard earned gold for an instant refill. However, if you start a level before you make a move, you won’t lose any energy at all. Look over your board before you make a move to see if there are any easy combos that you can knock out. Keep restarting until you see an easy combo on the board, especially a five piece combo.

All your posts can be made available to you after you use them simply by waiting for them to regenerate, as well. It takes quite a long time for them to regenerate though, so save your boosts until you really need them, such as for an especially tough level. A good place to use your candy wand boost is on a a jawbreaker, since they usually take four moves to knock out. If you use the candy one on a full jawbreaker though, you will knock it out in one hit.

Gold is not very common in this game, nor is it particularly easy to come by. However, you can earn 40 gold for free just by connecting the game to Facebook. This should be a more than enough to refill your energy a couple of times. However, you should still be judicious with how much energy you use. Go for the best scores possible in order to conserve your energy. Complete the secondary quests in order to get free power ups, and sometimes free gold as well.

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