Battle Camp – How to win without spending any money

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Battle Camp is a new freemium game that takes the best of Pokemon and Puzzle + Dragons, and combines them together in one game that’s surprisingly original, and is hilariously funny as well. The dialogue is right up there with the Monster Galaxy series, as far as jokes and whimsical characters. Like many freemium games, this one provides plenty of opportunities for you to spend money, but there’s no requirement that you do in order to win. In fact, you can get through the entire game without spending a single cent. Here’s how.

Most people will want to start opening their wallets when they hit their first tough battles and realize that their normal, common monsters aren’t going to cut it, especially against the boss characters. No need to do that, though – plenty of rare monsters can be had without spending a single dime. Battle and battle to earn monster pieces (this is, admittedly, one of the more tedious and lengthy grinds in the game). When you have all of the required monster pieces for a specific monster, you’ll unlock that monster and will be able to add them to your battle party.

Repeat the above until you have enough rare monsters to load up your party. Gain experience levels to unlock new areas, and not only will you be able to participate in events (which earn you even more rare monsters if you play enough), but you’ll be able to find more powerful common monsters, which can be up to twice as powerful as your previous common monsters. Use these to fill the spots that aren’t full of rare monsters yet.

If you really want gold badly, look for the gold offer wall in the in-app store, and complete offers there. Take the offer to register with tapjoy and you will open up a second, all-free offer wall from your browser. Turn on location services in order to enable local offers on the main in-game offer wall, as well.

Energy costs a lot of gold, but don’t spend gold on it because it comes back on its own fairly quickly. If you are still not patient enough, then use what little energy you have to rack up experience points, and to try to complete quests, which will get you experience VERY quickly. Leveling up will give you a free energy refill.

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