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Dragons World – How to win without spending any money

Dragons World is a new dragon-breeding game for the iOS and Android platforms. As you progress through the game you’ll unlock increasingly rarer, more expensive and more time-consuming dragons, habitats and buildings, which can slow progress down to a crawl. It sometimes feels like you have to start spending money in this game to get anywhere, but you can get as far as you want to in Dragons World, without having to spend any money. Read on to find out how!

Like many freemium games, this game has multiple forms of currency. Gold is the primary currency of the game, while Crystals are the premium currency of the game. Food is a psuedo currency with only one use, which is to feed your dragons. All three of these can be purchased with real-life money, but it’s not necessary to purchase any of them to advance.

Instead, a little bit of strategy is the best option for earning more gold. The most important thing is to max out your dragon habitats. Habitats with a higher level of maximum gold are preferred, such as the earth, water and twilight habitats. From there, max out the number of dragons per habitat.

Naturally, the dragons that go with the high maximum gold habitats will be slower earners, so you’ll want to breed them with speedy earners in order to earn loads of gold. Breed fire and earth, for example, to make a fast earning Lava dragon, or do the three-way crossbreeds to try to get a Predatory Dragon, which is excellent in battle and earns lots of coins but is very difficult to do.

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Gold isn’t the main thing you’ll be tempted to spend your money on. Crystals are. Save your crystals, and take care of most or all of your long term jobs before bedtime, so that you can sleep while all of your tasks are getting done (getting rid of giant trees and massive rocks, breeding dragons, etc). Or simply wait them out and get everything for free. If you have no patience, there are plenty of ways to earn more crystals in the game without spending any money.

Such ways include getting rid of elemental obstacles, opening the elemental chest, completing achievements, completing certain quests (yes, achievements and quests are two different things – achievements are under the Red Ribbon icon). Plus, keep checking back for the daily prizes.

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