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Dragons World – Walkthrough, Wiki, FAQ and Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to the beginner’s guide for Dragons World! Dragons World is the newest and hottest smash-hit iOS and Android dragon-raising game. You can raise and breed dragons, grow food with which to feed them, then battle them against other players’ dragons and try to beat league after league. You can collect gold and crystals in the process, and spend them just as quickly as you earn them. Read on for the beginner’s guide to Dragons World!

If you have previously played Dragon City, the gameplay should be familiar. The main thing in the game that you do is raise dragons, collect gold from their habitats, feed them and battle them. Each dragon goes in a specific habitat. Dragons that are of one element (I.E. Fire Dragon) will go in one habitat, while dragons that are of more than one element (such as the Lava Dragon, which is both Fire and Earth), they can be placed in any of their elements’ habitats.

You start the game with the fire and earth habitats available, and as you level up, you can unlock the nature, water, air, magic, light and twilight habitats as you gain experience levels. Each level you gain will earn you one extra maximum habitat (some levels will earn you two, though).

You have to fill your habitats with dragons, of course, and there are two ways to get dragons. One of them is to go to the store and buy them. The single-element dragons can be purchased with coins, while the multi-element hybrid dragons take gems to purchase.

You don’t want to spend gems, though, so the way to get hybrid dragons and spend nothing but time, is to breed them. Breed two different elements to get another of the same element, and breed two of the same element in order to clone a dragon. Once they are bred or bought, the egg hatches in the nursery, and then the dragon can be placed into any habitat with enough room for them.

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Each habitat earns a certain amount of maximum coins, and each dragon earns a certain amount of coins per hour. Some habitats and dragon types tend to earn coins quickly but max out just as quickly (such as fire, which earns up to 500 coins in one shot), while others tend to earn coins slowly but max out at a high number of coins (earth habitats can earn up to 4,500 coins).

Stay tuned for part two of the beginner’s guide to Dragons World!