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Battle Camp: How to get rare, super rare, special and epic monsters

Battle Camp puts you into a crazy summer camp full of wise cracking monsters, odd spirits and a whole lot of quests to complete. You collect monsters similar to Pokemon, but some monsters are more rare than others, and the rare ones (denoted by one, two or three stars) are much more difficult to find. They are, however, very worth it, as their health and attack are far higher than that of the common monsters. Read on to find out how to get more rare monsters in Battle Camp!

The most common way to get the rarest of the rare monsters is simply to grind in battle, finding the puzzle pieces for each monster as you go. Certain rare monsters will be specific to certain areas, so if you find one monster piece in one area, you’ll tend to find the rest of the pieces that you need for that same monster in that area. Once you have all of the pieces, go to your monster management screen and you can start the countdown for your rare monster to be complete.

Once you have a rare monster, level it up to its maximum level, and you will be able to evolve it. You will need other monsters to use as evolution sacrifices – usually, these will be common monsters that are very easy to find. Once you have the level requirements and the monster sacrifices in place, then you can evolve it into an even rarer monster.

If you buy gold or if earn gold in other ways, such as from events, you can do summons out of the store. Event grabs and rookie grabs will earn you the best monsters. Featured tier grabs and ultimate grabs will earn you one special to epic monster, and ultimate bulk grabs will earn you 10 special to epics. The standard monster grab will earn you common or super rare monsters or monster pieces.

Check out the quest list, because many of the quests will give you free monster grabs, and even other grabs. Also, participate in the current events as these are one of your best chances to earn the rarest of the rare monsters. The more event tokens and event trophies that you rack up, the better your chances are at earning some rare monsters.