Battle Camp Tips and Tricks Guide: Cheats, Hints and Strategies

Battle Camp is a new massively multiplayer online puzzle RPG by Penny Pop. The fun, light-hearted tone of the game masks what is actually one of the better MMO games to come out recently for the Android and iOS platforms, as Battle Camp combines the battling style of Puzzle and Dragons with humor and clan wars aspects that turn it into a great original game in its own right. Read on for some tips and tricks for Battle Camp!

Battles start off easy, then get harder and harder as you gain levels and unlock new stages. Before you go anywhere, try to put at least one rare monster together by battling and collecting the puzzle pieces that you get. Once you get the puzzle pieces for that rare monster, start racking up common monsters that you can then use for fusing.

Once your rare monster is ready for battle, put it into your team, and then use the Fuse option to increase its level. This will enable it to get stronger, and will prepare it for when you are ready to evolve it. Evolution can only happen to rare monsters, and requires some combination of other common monsters, which can be caught by beating battles in areas that you have usually already been to.

Rare monsters aren’t the only good ones though. Even some of the common monsters will be more powerful – for example, the ones that you catch in the Teepee Hollow will be more powerful than the ones that you catch in the camp itself.

Normally, the game will automatically target enemy monsters, but if you want to target a specific monster in battle, tap on that monster and a crosshairs will appear above it, indicating that it has been targeted. Use the element chart (the triangle in the upper right corner of the screen) to figure out which elements work best. Rock and Wind are strong against each other. Fire is strong against plant, plant is strong against water and water is strong against fire.

Always try to make the biggest combinations that you can in battle, and make as many combinations in one turn as you can. Early on in a turn, go for one or two matches of five or more in order to target every monster on the screen. If you are fighting only one monster (or two monsters) then go for a bigger combination consisting of matches of 3 or 4 in a row, in order to do larger amounts of damage.

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