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Battle Camp – How to get more energy and experience points

Battle Camp starts you off as a beginner in a camp full of monsters, and initially you are stuck to just that one camp. As you gain experience levels, you can unlock many more areas of the game, which will open you up to participating in more events. You need to battle to get there, and you need energy to battle, but energy can be a bit tough to come by. So how do you get more energy and experience points? Read on to find out how!

You can get a full free refill of energy each time that you gain an experience level. Plus, if you are planning to buy a rare monster summon from the store, wait until you are out of energy to do the summon. Some of what’s available in the summon store will give you a full free energy refill as a bonus when you buy it.

Know anyone who plays the game on Facebook? If so, then connect to Facebook and start asking your friends who play the game for energy. If not, then connect to Facebook and find some people who play, then add them. Or, you can try to invite your friends and see if they decide to download the game. When they do, then they can send you some free energy!

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You can get more experience points through winning battles, so don’t waste energy on the tough battles if you are looking to gain more experience. Fight the battles that you know you are going to win. Fight the hardest battles that you can beat, of course, because winning harder battles gives you more experience. Don’t fight battles that you have a significant shot at losing.

Complete the quests for a huge boost in experience points. Wait to claim the experience rewards until you run out of energy if you are within range of a level up, because then you can wait til you run out of energy, claim the prize, and get a full free refill.

Finally, participate in the events (duh) to get more energy and experience points as rewards for when the event is over. Look at what the event rewards are beforehand, so you can make sure to get the appropriate amount of event trophies or event rewards. Then trade them in at the end for the good prizes.