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Guide to Kingdom Royale for iOS: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Kingdom Royale is a new Gamevil game that is a hybrid between a real time strategy game and role-playing game for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. You start off with one small, isolated kingdom, which is the last outpost that hasn’t been taken over by evil. Along the way you can gather resources, train new troops, and take back the areas of the kingdom that have become dominated by your enemies. Read on for some tips and tricks to Kingdom Royale!

Much of the game seems to be perpetually locked until you gain a certain experience level, and sometimes it can be frustrating to wait until you actually gain a level in order to upgrade whatever it is that you need to upgrade. Aside from completing quests, one of the fastest ways to gain experience is simply to keep collecting from your resource buildings before they’re full. They’ll give you the same amount of experience whether they have 2 resources or 300 resources for you to collect, so run out your energy collecting those, and then level up later to regain your energy.

In battle, there are two types of “rock paper scissors” matchups that can determine whether you have an advantage or a disadvantage. Humans are strong against elves. Elves are strong against orcs. Orcs are strong against humans. In addition, melee beats range, range beats magic and magic beats melee. Have some of every type of troop that you can get (all three races and all three attacks) so you can match your troops up for huge advantages in attack and defense (for example, matching a melee orc against a range human, such as a Meat Chopper or Barbarian against a Rifleman or a Hand Gunner).

After you upgrade your human camp, elf camp and orc camp, if you want to get rid of your level 1 troops to make room, send 3 of them and 2 of your level 2 troops into a tough battle. For some reason, enemy attackers usually target your low-level troops first, so let them kill off the low level troops while your level-2 troops do all of the attacking, so that you still win the battle easily.

Your training ground is practically useless if you play the game often at all (since it takes so long for you to upgrade one single troop) so your best bet is to sell it and build another Orc Camp, Elf Camp, Human Camp or a resource building, so you can actually put that space to use that you would have otherwise wasted.

The complete guide to Kingdom Royale! (by Gamevil)