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How to play Kingdom Royale for iOS: Walkthrough, FAQ and Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to the beginner’s guide to Kingdom Royale on the iPhone and the iPod Touch! Kingdom Royale, by Gamevil, puts you in charge of your very own kingdom which has been fragmented by warlords and fighting, and as the ruler of the kingdom, you get to come in, reunite everyone, and set things right again. To do this you build your town up to produce the most resources possible and the most troops possible, and finally, start taking over the kingdom, one outpost by one outpost. Read on for the beginner’s guide to Kingdom Royale!

You start off in an empty little kingdom with one castle, and one mystery tower, and that’s about it. Before you do anything, your goal is to get your kingdom to start producing resources, so the first thing to do is to build resource collector buildings. Resource buildings include the Bank for gold, the Sawmill for wood, the Farm for food, and the Emerald mine for Emeralds, although if you have crowns to spend, they can also include the Sapphire mine, Opel mine, Diamond mine and the Amethyst mine.

Tap on each empty space in your town to put the bank, sawmill, farm and emerald mines down, and they will start collecting resources for you. The resources will be held in each specific building until you collect from the building, but you can also upgrade your resource buildings, allowing them to earn more resources at a time, and to earn them more quickly.

In addition, the Mystery Tower will earn you resources as well, but it will earn you one of the eight resources in the game randomly. Upgrade it, and it will take longer to collect from but will earn you far more resources at a time. Each building, when being upgraded, takes a certain amount of time to complete, but you can speed it up using Crowns, which are the premium currency in the game.

Next, as in all good strategy games, the resources are good for one thing, which is training troops to defend your city. In this game, however, you can only train one troop per troop building at a time. Your three troop buildings are the Human Camp, the Orc Camp and the Elf Camp. Each one can produce melee attackers, magic attackers and range attackers, and each time you upgrade one of these camps, you will be allowed to train more powerful troops. In addition, each time you upgrade your castle, you will add 40 more troops to the maximum number of troops you can have (from 40 to 80 to 120, etc).

The complete guide to Kingdom Royale! (by Gamevil)