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How to play Kingdoms & Lords for iPhone: Walkthrough, FAQ and Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to the beginner’s guide to Kingdoms & Lords for the iPhone and the iPod Touch! This game brings a mix of construction management and old-school RPG that will be familiar to, and loved by, those who are familiar with games such as Rule The Kingdom, as well as any city builder or RPG. With the help of Lisa, can you build a kingdom, defend against Osgoth the Barbarian General and the numerous other minions you come across, and build your little hamlet into a force to be reckoned with? With this guide, you absolutely can. Read on!

As you begin the game, you are introduced to the story line, which is a cynical, humorous take on the cliches used by various RPGs and fantasy works of other kinds. The kingdoms are warring over their own petty differences, meanwhile an ancient evil is stirring and threatening to destroy everything, etc etc ad nauseum. The game makes fun of the storyline, yet uses that same storyline and manages to make it compelling with a blend of humor and suspense.

When the introduction is done you’ll be taken away to your kingdom to start building. A serious of tasks will be presented by the scantily-clad heroine Lisa, the fat friar Richelieu, and by some other entertaining characters who you’ll meet as you go. Basically, you start off building houses, production buildings, and military buildings, all of which can be found inside the “shop” tab in the upper right corner.

Houses increase the population of your kingdom, and the taxes they pay are one of your 2 main sources of income. Production buildings include Homesteads, which allow you to grow crops for money, as well as Saw Mills, Mines and Textile Workshops, which (in order) allow you to produce Wood, Metal and Textiles. You can spend diamonds for premium versions of all four of those buildings, which produce money and supplies at a quicker rate.

Your free FULL guide to Kingdoms & Lords for the iPhone!

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