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Guide to Kingdoms & Lords for iPhone: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, Hints, and Strategies

Kingdoms & Lords is a new hybrid city builder and role playing game for the iPhone and the iPod touch, as well as the iPad. In this game a bunch of kingdoms are at war, Game of Thrones style, and you are just a small kingdom owner trying to get along in life, but you have no choice but to arm up due to kingdoms threatening to take away your land. Read on for some tips and tricks for Kingdoms and Lords!

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To make it much easier to gain levels without using too much energy and getting stuck waiting for a refill, try to add as many friend and their neighboring kingdoms as possible. Then go visit these kingdoms and help them out by completing all five of your daily tasks per kingdom. Each task that you complete earns you one experience point, without using any of your energy to do so. Check out the Kingdoms & Lords Add Me Page to find more people to add.

Before you go to battle, make sure that your fighters are in the right order. Remember, sword beats spear, spear beats axe and axe beats sword so send in a good mix of fighters who have strengths against enemy fighters. However, once you are in battle, try to focus as much as possible on taking out one enemy at a time, so that you eliminate each attacker against you as quickly as possible in order to minimize troop deaths.

To earn more coins with homesteads and houses, buy a bunch of decorations and surround one homestead entirely with decorations. All decorations must have a payout bonus to work for this trick.

Now move the homestead so that the space in the middle is empty. Any time that any building is ready to be collected from, move it into that empty space in the middle of the decorations so it gets a huge payout bonus from the combined power of all of the decorations. Move it back away and swap in any other building that is ready to collect from, and repeat as often as possible or desired.

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