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Kingdoms & Lords for iPhone: How to get free energy and diamonds

In Kingdoms & Lords by Gameloft SA, makers of such hits as the Men in Black 3 game and Ice Age Village, diamonds are the premium currency. They are very difficult to come by, unless you want to spend your own real life money at the App store and buy your own diamonds, but who wants to do that? Energy is the primary limiting factor in Kingdoms & Lords, in that once you run out of energy, you have nothing to do except wait around until it recovers. However, there are ways to get more of both for free. Read on to learn how!

There are a couple of ways to get free energy once you run out. One of them is, obviously, to get enough experience points to gain a level. Every time that you gain an experience level in this game, you will get a free energy refill instantly.

Another way to do so is to set the time on your phone or device forward. Go to your device settings, date and time, set the time ahead by a good hour or two. Voila – you have a free energy refill when you go back to the game! You can even set the time back to normal and keep it.

There are a few ways to get free diamonds in Kingdoms & Lords as well. One of them is to gain an experience level, same as the free energy tip. You will get one free diamond for every single level you gain in the game.

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Another way to get free diamonds is this. Click on the plus sign next to the diamond counter, and then scroll down to where it says free diamonds. You will have the option to take free offers to earn diamonds, as well as to earn even more diamonds by connecting the game to Twitter or Facebook.

Also, quests will pop up every so often offering a free diamond as an award. Complete these quests to earn free diamonds.

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