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How to play The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-earth: Walkthrough, FAQ and Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to the beginner’s guide to The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-earth for the iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini and Android platforms! This Kabam title is based on the classic The Hobbit books as well as the upcoming The Hobbit series of movies, and what better way to immerse yourself into the world of The Hobbit than to start your own elven or dwarven kingdom, set your government and your economy into motion, train your own army, and square off against other players and their kingdoms, as well as goblin camps? Read on for the beginner’s guide to The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-earth!

As you begin the game, you will have almost nothing in your city, and either Legolas the elf or Gimli the dwarf, depending on which race you choose. Your first goal will be to produce resources, so you’ll want to be in the field view to do this. Tap the button in the lower left hand corner to toggle between the field view, the city view, and the world view.

The resources that you can collect in the field view consist of food, wood, stone and ore. Build farms to collect wood, and build quarries to collect stone. If you are the dwarves, then build a mine to collect ore and build a lumber mill to collect wood. If you are the elves, then build an ore vein to collect ore and build an arboretum to collect wood. Each one that you build will earn you 100 of the specified resource per hour. Upgrade them to increase the amount of resources that each one collects for you – first to 300 per hour, then to 600, then to 1000, then to 1,500, and so on and so forth.

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You will have a limited number of spaces that you can build in on the field view, but each time you gain an experience level, you will unlock more spaces in which to build. You gain experience levels simply by building new buildings and upgrading buildings that you already have in your city, as well as by attacking other kingdoms and camps.

Each new resource building and each upgrade to a resource building also increases the maximum amount of the resource that you can hold. There is always a maximum amount of the resource, but if you max out on that resource, simply build another resource building for that same resource, or upgrade one of your current ones to increase your maximum.

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