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How to play The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-earth (Part 4): Walkthrough, FAQ and Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to part 4 of the The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-earth beginner’s guide! Click here to go back to part 3 of the guide.

The Embassy is required if you want to join or create an alliance. The watch tower will detect incoming attacks; each upgrade will allow it to garner more detail and to detect attacks with more accuracy. Finally, the sage’s tower will allow you to collect relics that you earn when you attack a goblin’s camp.

Most important are the barracks and the city walls. The barracks are where you train your troops, while the city walls are where you train your defenses. You can build as many barracks as you want to train troops much more quickly. The city wall is already there; simply go to the edge of your city and you’ll see a “0” next to it. You can tap it to upgrade it.

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There are three tiers of troops that you can train in your barracks. The first tier consists of porters, militia, mounted troops, and your first ranged troops (axe throwers for dwarves, and archers for elves). Tier 2 consists of supply carts, warriors, two types of riding troops (boar riders for dwarves, and elven hunters for elves), and ranged troops (siege crossbows for dwarves and scorpions for elves). Your third tier consists of supply wagons, battering rams, riders (heavy boar riders for dwarves and mounted galahadrim for elves), and ranged troops (ents for elves, and catapults for dwarves).

The supply troops have no attack power or might, but they are required in order to loot supplies from the kingdoms, wilds and goblin camps that you attack. the more supply troops, the more supplies that you can loot. Your other attack troops match up against opposing attack troops in a rock paper scissors style, in which foot beats mounted, mounted beats ranged and ranged beats foot.

To attack another kingdom, wild or goblin camp, first, go to the world view and tap on the area that you want to invade. Tap scout to figure out what their defenses or like, or tap attack in order to invade and loot, or in the case of wilds, take them over. Wilds consist of woods, hills, lakes, mountains and plains. Woods increase wood production, hills increase stone production, lakes increase food production, mountains increase ore production, and plains allow you to build a second city (or coming soon, a third or fourth city) once you take them over.

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