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Rule The Kingdom iPad, iPhone and Android game guide: Tips, tricks, cheats, hints and strategies

Rule The Kingdom is an excellent combination between a city building game and a role playing game that came out for the Android first, and has most recently arrived on the iPhone and the iPod Touch. You will have hours and hours and days of gameplay here, between the adventuring, rescuing people who are under siege from crazy trolls and other enemies, and completing quests as you go through the various chapters of the game. Read on for some tips and tricks for Rule The Kingdom.

Some quests require you to wait awhile to do the task that you need to in order to finish it (such as destroying the tunnels that the trolls dug to the western forest, which requires one hour). However, if you go to your iPhone or iPad settings and mess with the time on your device, you will be able to finish your task instantly simply by setting the time ahead by the amount that you need in order to finish the task. You can do the same thing to restore hit points to your main character, or to make the game let you earn warriors much more quickly, or to complete any timed farming/production task.

When you are fighting in a battle, and your character is about to die, hit the menu button to tap out of the Rule The Kingdom app and into your main menu. Then manually close the app (on iOS devices, tap the menu button twice and then when the bottom bar pops up, hold down the app you want to close, and then tap the “-” button to close i). Then, when you go back to the game, you won’t still be in mid fight (so you can take time or spend money to recover if you want), but when you re-engage the enemy, they will still have the same hit points as they did before you quit – no recovery.