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How to play CSR Racing for iPhone: Walkthrough, FAQ, and Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to the beginner’s guide to CSR Racing for the iPhone. This is a brand new racing game featuring real life 3D cars, competitors who would love nothing more than to leave you in the dust, bad dubstep music, and a truly massive amount of customization options. Read on for the beginner’s guide to CSR Racing!

The only goal of CSR Racing is, basically, to race and win. There are many kinds of races, and you can do all kinds of customization work that is (mostly) entirely aimed at improving your racing performance.

So how is the racing done? Simple – when you are on the driving screen, a gas pedal and two simulated shift paddles will pop up, with the left one being downshift and the right one being upshift. When the countdown begins, start revving the car and trying to keep the little green light on the tachometer on – this is your optimal start range. When it’s time to shift gears, the words “Get Ready” in blue will pop up, followed shortly by “Shift Now!” in green, but if you miss this, the word “Late” will pop up in red. Your goal in both starting and shifting is to hit the green.

Some cars have different shift points than others, as well, so you need to ignore the tachometer and focus on the “Shift Now!” popup, because with many cars, the words will pop up well after you rev past the car’s redline. Others will have shift indicators pop up before the redline, and still others will be, as you would expect, right at the redline.

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There are many different types of races. Regulation mode is your “regular” race, and is one that you can run an unlimited amount of times. You can race either rookie, amateur or pro. Amateur races are 1/2 mile races, and the other two are 1/4 mile, and if you win, you win a set amount of money plus any applicable racing bonuses.

Challenge races only pop up every once in awhile, but when they do, you will be able to race a random racer for a much larger prize than any of the regulation races. You will have unlimited chances to try and win, but after you win, the challenge race goes away. You’ll get this race at random times throughout the day.

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