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Guide to Shrek’s Fairytale Kingdom for iPhone: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Shrek’s Fairytale Kingdom for the iPhone and iPod Touch is the result of a joint venture between Beeline/Capcom and DreamWorks Entertainment, and is possibly the first time that a Shrek game has come out on the Apple mobile device. This game takes you through the story of the original Shrek (the best Shrek, that is) but puts it in the form of a city builder, with elements of adventure to it. Read on for some tips and tricks for Shrek’s Fairytale Kingdom if you find yourself getting stuck.

Time always runs out at precisely the wrong time in this game. You have to wait for awhile for your energy to come back, for the opportunity to play Shrek’s Make-Ogre again, to collect coins from any one of your buildings, or to do quests that require you to wait a certain period of time in order to finish them. However, with the iPhone time cheat, you can basically skip over any wait period.

To do the iPhone time cheat, simply choose the task that takes the longest to complete (for example, if you are in the middle of a 16 hour quest, choose that) and set your phone time ahead by that much (16 hours, in this case). Then go back to the game, and your quest will be ready to be collected from.

Also, set the phone ahead by exactly one day if you want to immediately be able to collect from Shrek’s tree house again, or to collect a gift from the fallen log, or simply to play Shrek’s Make-Ogre. In addition, if you need to get your characters’ energy/stamina back in order to go on quests again, this trick will do it right away, instantly restoring all of your characters’ energy.

When you are getting ready to play Shrek’s Make-Ogre, especially when you are playing the hard rounds, do a number of practice rounds first before you play the real thing. Every time you unlock a harder game there are more different types of things to do in it, but the game doesn’t explain how to do them, and they just require a few practice rounds sometimes. Doing this can jack up your bonuses majorly by allowing you to win much more easily.