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Big Win Soccer: How to win the Daily Trophy

In Big Win Soccer, the daily trophy cup is the main online tournament game. You get put into a bracket with a group of random players, and if you place first through fifth, you’ll get loaded up with prizes, such as free coins, big bucks, and more fans. How do you win at the daily trophy, though, especially without spending a ton of money on constantly purchasing new cards? Read on to find out!

The best way to win constantly, without having to spend large amounts of in game coins on cards, is to have the best player cards absolutely possible. This trick will work best if it is done early on in the game but you can do it almost any time you want. So how do you get the best player cards absolutely possible? There are a few ways.

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Load up on silver cards by doing this: Get a bunch of coins. Watch videos in order to earn free coins (do this by clicking on “Free Coins” by the coins counter). Intentionally lose matches (so that you earn only 10 fans but 50 coins each time). Sell your big bucks, because they will earn you 300 coins each. Sell any cards you don’t need, especially uniform cards, which you start the game with a surplus of, but aren’t really needed. Then, go buy a bunch of silver packs, as many as possible, and try to get a bunch of silver players. Silver players pop up about half the time that you buy a new pack.

Even better, go complete every single free offer for big bucks that you can (one of the best ones is signing up for Tapjoy, which earns you 34 free bucks, and directs you to a lot of ways to earn more free big bucks). Then, go buy as many gold card packs as you can. Like with silver packs, gold packs give you gold players about half the time that you buy them. Sometimes you will even get two gold players out of the same pack.

Now, go to “My Team” and sub in all of your gold and silver players, and use every single stat booster card that you got out of those packs to increase your ratings even further. Your ideal (for now) is to increase your overall team rating to 50 or more. It can definitely be done without spending any real life money, just by free offers alone.

Now, go to the Daily Trophy and start blowing away the competition without even having to use any booster cards. In fact, you shouldn’t really have to use any at all until you hit level 6 or 7 and start facing a few stronger opponents, and even then, you should only need one booster each (and have a ton of gold boosters left over from the packs).