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How to play Big Win Soccer: FAQ, Walkthrough and Beginner’s Guide

For those of you soccer fans out there who own an iPhone or Android phone, chances are you have either played or heard of Big Win Soccer, which is one of the top sports management simulations out there for both systems. In fact, it might be the only game in which you get to manage your own soccer team, playing matches against other players’ teams and steadily working your way up from a lousy team to one of the top teams in the league. New to the game or just looking for answers to some questions? Read on for the beginner’s guide to Big Win Soccer!

Big Win Soccer is essentially a sports version of trading card games like Magic: The Gathering. You play a team of 11 cards against your opponent and their team of eleven cards, and whoever has the highest score, coupled with the best combination of booster cards, wins the round. You can play in either the “quick match” or the “daily trophy” in a competition for the best record, the most coins and big bucks and the most fans.

Coins, of course, are your main form of currency. Your coins are used to buy more card packs, mainly. The premium card packs are purchased with the premium currency, though, which is big bucks. Fans are this game’s version of “experience points”, meaning that to level up you need to gain a certain number of fans. As you level up you are placed against players who are of equal level to you, and you can unlock various new modes, such as the Daily Trophy mode.

There are three types of games you can play: Daily trophy games, friends trophy matches, and quick matches. Each costs one energy to play – when your energy bar runs out you have to wait for it to refill again. Quick matches don’t involve any sort of brackets or tournaments. Daily trophy games place you in a competition against other players who have entered the daily trophy tournaments, where placing in first through fifth earns you coins, big bucks and fans as extra prizes. Friends trophy matches allow you to create a trophy and invite your friends to play their team against your team.

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