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Guide to Soccer Superstars 2012 for iPhone: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Soccer Superstars 2012 is a soccer playing and soccer managing game by Gamevil Inc. While not quite as in depth as their previous sports hit, Baseball Superstars 2012, this one proves to be one of the better soccer games out there on the mobile platforms. Soccer Superstars 2012 also brings over the familiar anime art style that fans of Gamevil’s other games will remember. Read on for some tips and tricks for Soccer Superstars 2012!

First of all, you should literally never be playing the Chance Play mode, because the computer does an awful job at controlling characters in this game. Play the Total Play mode every single time and not only will you have better chances to win, but winning will give you more rewards.

When you are in total play mode, first, when you are on defense, don’t move the control stick at all. Simply let the computer control your characters on defense, and hold down the “press” button the entire time, which will enable you to steal the ball when you get close enough.

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Now, when you are on offense, start taking control of your characters and moving the control stick. Your first priority should be to try to get the ball to your super player as quickly as possible. As soon as you get it to your super player, hit the super shot button, which has a 100% goal accuracy, to try and score your first goal.

For goals after that, you should still try to get it to the super player, but your first priority should be to get the ball as far as you can on the bottom half of the court. Get the ball to the goalie, and use LOTs of passing until you are close by. Once you’re close by, run towards the goal with the ball, and try to draw the goalkeeper out. Once the keeper starts coming after you, run away, but while you are running away, THEN hit the shot button, and you’ll kick it right past him into the goal almost 100% of the time.

After you take the lead by at least two goals, once you are in the second half of the match, start wasting time until the match ends. Run around in circles, trying to keep the ball away from all the defenders, and take intentionally lousy shots in order to waste the opposing keeper’s time and run the clock down. Pass the ball back and forth and play “keep away” until the clock runs out of time and you get the easy win in the match. These strategies can enable you to easily beat stronger teams who are computer controlled.