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Guide to Baseball Superstars 2012 for iPhone: Tips, tricks, cheats and strategies

Baseball Superstars 2012 is a very tough anime-influenced baseball RPG for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. You get to play in multiple different modes, such as exhibition mode, batter mode, and pitcher mode, as well as completing missions in mission mode. In the options menu, you can even customize the way the batting, pitching and fielding work, and whether you want to control running and fielding or let the game do it. Read on for some tips and tricks for this very difficult game.

You will improve your skills slowly while training in the yard, but the fastest way, by far, to gain popularity and improve your playing skills is to save your coins, work part time jobs as often as you can, and buy at least the level 3 item for each particular statistic. This is especially true for the batting portion of the game. Go to the park and work part time jobs as often as possible, and let the random talks that pop up take care of the stat improvement until you can buy awesome equipment. You will gain at least 100 popularity and 80 of the particular statistic if you save up for a level 3 piece of equipment – more if you save up for a level 4 or 5 piece of equipment.

When you get the hawkeye, an easy way to jack up your batting average is to drop a bunt and aim it just to the left of where the ball is targeted. This will send a bunt down the third base line, and if your speed is high enough (it doesn’t have to be that high, but a little bit extra helps), you will run it out and beat it for a base hit.

When you are pitching, aim for the little red corners of the strike zone if you want to maximize strike outs, weak pop ups and fly outs. The closer to the center of the strike zone a pitch is, the more likely someone is to swing at it and make excellent contact. Batters will rarely swing at a pitch that’s right on the border with the strike zone, enabling lots of strike outs by looking.

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When facing a super batter, start them off with a curveball, because batters rarely swing at the first curveball; almost never, in fact. Then, hit them with two straight super pitches in the strike zone – they almost never swing at those, and when they do, it is usually a weak hit.

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