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Baseball Superstars 2012 for iPhone: How to get more money, SP, active, popularity, condition and G points

Baseball Superstars 2012 is an anime styled baseball role playing game that has fast become one of the most popular games on the iPhone. With a combination of real baseball difficulty and crazy whimsical anime characters and cutscenes, as well as a real complexity that isn’t even found in most role playing games, let alone most baseball games, it’s no wonder this is so popular. Coins are the regular currency of the game. Active is the game’s form of “energy”, so to speak, that’s needed to do almost anything outside of actually playing in a game. G-points are the premium currency of the game, and popularity is how many fans you have. Condition is what allows you to do various forms of work, training, and other stuff. Click here to find out how to get all of the above.

Coins are gotten mainly one of two ways: Getting your annual salary at the end of the season and doing a part time job. Until you are excellent at this game, doing a part time job every single time you get back into the city is the best way to gain coins. Doing the “talk” option, where you click a location in the city that a character icon appears at and then hit “…”, also yields you rounds of 500 coins once in awhile.

Active is used up by doing anything in the city. You get more active by playing in a game, and like coins, the “talk” option also often yields more active.

SP is gained by doing one of two things: Either finish out a whole season, or upgrade on particular statistic to the next level. You can use SP to purchase an additional skill trait at your home, and add it to your reportoire.

Condition can be restored at two places. The first way is to go home and rest, which will cost you active but is free. The second and faster way is to go to the hospital and use the resting room, which will cost you 100 coins, but will recover your condition much more quickly. Having more condition will enable you to train harder, play better, and keep your morale up. Also, if you get an “a” grade in a game, or higher, your condition (also known as morale) goes up. Ditto for if you accomplish a particular task that you are given, such as bunting when the captain tells you to.

G-points can be acquired in many different ways. Doing extra things during a game, such as a strike out, double play, double, triple, home run, multihomer game, etc, or winning by 5 or 10 runs, will all earn you more G-points. In addition, when the quiz comes up at the library (denoted by the “!” icon), if you get the baseball trivia question right, you will gain 200 G-points. Either know the answers to the questions, or google them before you answer. Mission mode will also earn you G points, for successfully completing your daily mission.

Popularity is approved by accomplishing good things in a game, such as completing a “mission” that the manager, captain or teammates give you during a game. Talks also add to your popularity quite frequently, but the biggest way to earn popularity quickly is by saving up coins and buying the level 3 or higher item for a particular statistic at the store. You can earn between 100 and 500 popularity (or “POP”) per item that you equip.

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