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Guide to Baseball Superstars 2012 for iPhone: Tips, tricks, cheats and strategies, part 2

Welcome to part 2 of the Baseball Superstars 2012 Tips and Tricks guide. Click here to read part 1 of the Baseball Superstars 2012 Tips and tricks guide.
If you face a super batter without any super pitches, throw curveballs wide outside of the strike zone. For some reason, super batters love to try to swing at those. Even if they don’t swing, a walk can still be better than a hit, because with them a hit is usually a home run.

One of the fastest ways to gain SP in the game is to first, jack up your power stat in batting mode. The more you jack up the power stat, the more home runs you will hit, even if you suck at hitting anything else. Home runs earn by far the most SP out of any regular act in the game, and they can provide an excellent increment to the usual trivia question SP.

In batting mode, when you are facing a super pitcher, your best bet is usually to either drop a bunt on the first pitch or take the first pitch. Unless you have a hawkeye, timing them is useless. Often, though, the second pitch is a normal pitch, so this is when you should swing. Then the third pitch is usually yet another super pitch, so this is when you either bunt or take again.

Increase your speed far out of proportion to the other stats if you really want to jack up your batting average and doubles. Doing this will cause you to turn some ground-outs into infield base hits, especially when you drop sacrifice bunts, beat them out, and end up with an extra base that you might not have expected to take.

Always try to heal up at the hospital as much as possible, and as much as your active points will allow it. The only way you should be trying to heal up at home is if you either have just two active left, or if you have no money left, and therefore cannot heal up at the hospital.

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