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Virtual Villagers: Origins for iPhone – How to get more food, and get unlimited food

Virtual Villagers Origins is a challenging new life management sim for the iPhone and iPod Touch. People who are used to games such as The Sims and FarmVille will find this game very difficult to get used to, as you have to try to get your villagers to figure out how to get food and take care of themselves, without letting them die off. If they die off, though, you get a whole new set of villagers to play with. Once the berry bush runs out, how do you get food? Read on to find out how!

One way to get temporary food is to set children about to the task of finding mushrooms, but that just won’t do it for food. The real way to get food is to upgrade your Farming technology to level 2, but to do that you need 6,000 tech points. Here’s a quick way to rack up the tech points you need.

Set about as many villagers to the research table as you can. Tap them, drop them onto the research table, and within about ten seconds, they will either walk away and shake their heads, or get on their knees and begin searching. If they stand up, that means they haven’t started researching because it didn’t work. It might take up to 10 or even 20 tries to get them to stay on their knees, but keep at it.

Once you have at least 4 villagers researching (or preferably more), set one of them to the task of researching medicine by dropping them on the cactus, and the other to the task of foraging from the berry bush.

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Now, either wait for quite awhile while the research happens (checking back every once in awhile to make sure nobody is sick or dead), or go to your iPhone settings and set the time something like 12 hours ahead, or 8 hours depending on how cautious you want to be about your people dying. Now go back to the game and there will be all sorts of tech points in your inventory.

Now, once you have 6,000 tech points, buy the level 2 farming upgrade. Now anytime that you drop a villager onto the soft patch of dirt, they will start planting crops and growing food on their own. At any point after doing this trick you can reset the date and time on your iPhone back to normal, and you won’t lose any of your new tech points or your new food and technologies.

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