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Guide to Virtual Villagers: Origins for iPhone: Tips, tricks, cheats, strategies and help

Virtual Villagers: Origins is the first mobile incarnation of the popular browser based Virtual Villagers series, and it’s one of the few truly one of a kind games for the iPhone. In Virtual Villagers Origins, for those of you who are not familiar with the previous games in the series, you manage a village in which the villagers do their own thing, except you have to help them do their own thing. The only problem is, it’s fairly tough to figure out what to do. Read on for some tips and tricks to help you figure that out.

The biggest problem is figuring out the first thing to do, but what you’re supposed to do is to have your villagers become farmers, scientists, doctors and builders. If you aren’t familiar with the first games of the series, start over and do the entire tutorial, so that you can figure out what to do next. Without the tutorial, you’ll have huge issues figuring out what to do.

In VV: Origins, like in many other games, you can make time go by faster by setting your iPhone time ahead by however much time you want to pass, whether it be 8 hours, 2 days or whatever. First, though, you should set as many villagers as possible at the research table, because that’s where you earn tech points. Place them at the research table until they stay there – if they shake their heads, just put them there again, and keep at it until they stay and start researching on their own.

You can sacrifice a whole village to do that and earn tech points, or if you don’t want any villagers to die, set one of your villagers to forage at the berry bush and another villager to research the cactus for medicinal purposes. Then, set the iPhone time ahead anywhere between 8 and 24 hours. Come back and you’ll have a full load of tech points.

Next, spend the tech points on level 2 farming, and have at least one person be a farmer. While you do that, pull away all the scientists from the tech table and start trying to breed them. When they come back out with babies, set the iPhone time ahead again (as long as someone is managing the farm) until the babies become adults. This could require setting the phone ahead by a few days or so. Then, do it all over again to rack up the villagers.

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Once you do the iPhone time cheat once, you can set back the phone to the real time if you want to start it all over again.

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