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How to play Virtual Villagers: Origins – FAQ, Walkthrough and Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to the beginner’s guide for Virtual Villagers: Origins for the iPhone. Here is a tough game to learn, but once you understand the basics, you’ll get the hang of it right away and you will become EXTREMELY addicted, very quickly. It’s like the old Tamagotchi virtual pet concept on steroids, because instead of virtual pets you have virtual villagers, who can live and thrive or starve and die depending on what kind of care you give them and what you teach them. Read on to get started on Virtual Villagers: Origins!

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A quick press of the start button takes you to the screen where you are asked if you want to do the tutorial or not. With this guide you don’t have to do the tutorial, but it is recommended that you do it anyways. When you start the game, your villagers are doing absolutely nothing, and will continue to do nothing until you drag them somewhere to prompt them to do something.

Your villagers need food to survive, so your first step should be to drag one of your villagers over to the berry bush, which is in the top half of your village. When you do this, they will either start foraging for berries, or they will walk away and shake their heads. If they walk away, keep placing them next to the berry bush until they get it. This will improve their farming. The berry bush will run out after awhile, but once it runs out it will slowly begin to regenerate.

You can also set a villager at either the rubble on the beach or at a pile of wood that is laying on the right side of the village. If you set them there, they will start cleaning the rubble, or taking the pile of wood and building a hut with it. This will improve their building.

If you set a villager near a sick villager, or place them at the cactus in the upper area of the village, they will start either healing the villager, or researching medicine using the cactus. From there they will become more adept at medicine.

If you place your villager at the big table in the front of the village, they will (eventually) sit down and start researching. This will cause your villager to become more experienced at science.

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