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Virtual Villagers: Origins for iPhone: How to get more tech points for free

One of the most problematic elements of Virtual Villagers, especially for those who are used to games such as FarmVille and FrontierVille, is how to get more tech points. They are the primary and premium currency of the game. In essence, they are the only currency in the game. With them you can buy various techniques, such as farming, building, medicine and spirituality, but how are you even supposed to get them? Read on to find out, because I’ll tell you how to get massive amounts of tech points.

First, when you start a village, restart a village, or get a new batch of villagers because your old ones died, drag every single one of your villagers to the research table. When they step away and shake their heads, keep taking them back to the research table. After fighting with them for long enough, they’ll actually sit there and do research. You can put them all there and let them research themselves to death, or have one villager forage from the berry bush while they are all researching. Your choice.

You’ll see the tech points pile up fast. Within about half a day, you’ll have over 5,000, enough to buy farming technique. Buy that, then take your foraging villager over to the soft soil and let them start planting crops. Let your village sit for awhile while everybody keeps researching. If any researchers wandered off, take then back to the table and put them there until they start researching again.

Within a couple days or less, you should have 24,000 tech points. As the scientists (the ones who research at the table) become adept at science, they will earn more tech points for researching. Use your 24,000 tech points to upgrade science. This will cause their tech point earnings to skyrocket. Do the same thing again when they hit 300,000 tech points, and upgrade science to level 3. Now the tech points will jump off the charts, and you can speedily upgrade anything you want, very quickly.


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