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Top Heroes – Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Top Heroes is a super high-quality mobile RPG with exploration elements for the iOS and Android platforms. your goal is to quest from area to area, following the map and exploring, freeing villagers, heroes, and buildings, almost like a modern take on SoulBlazer. You can unlock new legendary heroes, pick up diamonds, hero cards, rubies, and a whole lot more.

Read on for a collection of tips and cheats for Top Heroes!

The battles happen automatically, while the exploration happens manually. Tap on the quest icon that says what your current mission is in order to find where you need to go, but you have a virtual joystick that allows you to navigate to the area by yourself. This gives the game of sense of exploration that most other mobile RPG’s have completely given up on.

Even though the battles happen automatically, there are still different moves that you can do in order to increase your chances of winning. When engaging a tough group of enemies, try to draw out one of them at a time and avoid attack from the other ones, in order to minimize the amount of damage that you take. Additionally, larger bosses will often have a charging attack that will sweep over a specific area, which will glow red before the attack hits, so when you see the red area, run away and dodge the attack.

You can have up to four heroes in your battle party at the same time; always try to pick the heroes with the highest rarity. The rarest heroes, especially legendary heroes, are the ones that will be the most powerful, and even though some heroes with a lower rarity may be upgraded to higher levels already, upgrade your rarer heroes to the same high levels and you will see a massive difference.

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Once the tavern is built, you will be able to start summoning heroes, and the higher the level that you upgrade the tavern to, the better the results of your summons will be. You either have to use scrolls or diamonds to summon new heroes, and your best bet at earning a brand new rare hero will be using 10 scrolls or 10 diamond summons at a time.

Keep progressing further through the game and completing quests in order to unlock new buildings, new villagers, and more in your town. This will allow you to enable features that you might be wondering about; for example, there will be more ways to purchase equipment for your heroes in order to power them up, especially rare and epic equipment, such as the blacksmith. All you have to do is rescue them.

Whenever you want to go back to the village, you can go through a portal in order to return instantly. You can always use the portal at the village to go to any previous portal that you want to, including ones that you have skipped because you wanted to complete quests rapidly.