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One Punch Man World – Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

One Punch Man World is a new action RPG for the iOS and Android platforms featuring everybody’s favorite overpowered hero. You can complete quest and missions as you collect silver, gold, credits, summoning scrolls, and a whole lot more, while unlocking loads of rare weapons and heroes. This game is a faithful recreation of the first season of the anime, and tells the story of how Saitama was admitted into the Hero Association.

Keep reading for a collection of tips and cheats for One Punch Man World!

This game is considered to be easy to learn but hard to master. At first, the battles seem easy but a little bit time-consuming; however, there is a lot to learn between the skills, the impression arms, the skill links, and more, that reward you just as much for what characters you can link together and what kind of team you can build, as for how powerful you can make each individual character.

There are two types of currency in this game, world silver and world gold. World silver is the standard currency, wild world gold is the premium currency. The main way to get world gold is by purchasing it, although there are some ways to earn free world gold in the game, such as completing achievements and earning the rewards.

Be sure to follow the red dots that are next to various icons. The red dots typically mean that there is a free reward that you can claim; even in the store, if you scroll past all of the options that require world gold or world silver in order to purchase, You can find free options that you can “purchase“ in order to claim, without having to spend any of your currencies.

In battles against tougher foes, be sure to take evasion as seriously as you take attacking. Dodge, dash, and evade in order to avoid getting hit by powerful attacks; this may cause the battle to be dragged out just a little bit, but it will be worth it when you eventually win.

If you are ever confused about what to do, the game typically gives you one quest at a time, and then if you tap the quest, it tells you where to go, what to do, or both. If you are looking around various menus and still can’t figure out what to do, then you can often find the red icon, Which will lead you to the area you’re looking for in order to complete the quest.

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Each different character has a specific type, kind of like an element. These are Overpower, Morale, Technical, and Assault. Each type is strong against another type, and weak against another type, so you can switch your characters up in order to have the best elemental match against the enemy depending on where you are fighting.

Whenever you want to explore and make the game a little bit more interesting, go off the path that the game gives you and start talking to random people and interacting with other scenery instead. You will have plenty of possible dialogue that you can engage in with other people, and even scenery that is not part of the quests Can do things or give you various items and currency.