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Tower Brawl: Tips, Cheats, Tricks, and Strategy Guide

Tower Brawl is a new PVP game for the iOS and Android platform that’s like a cross between battle royale and tower defense. You and another player face off, upgrade your towers, summon and upgrade heroes to defend your towers in attack the other player, and fight for trophies, coins, and overall supremacy. you can unlock rare, epic, and legendary heroes, earn gold and diamonds, and fight to be the player with the most trophies.

Read on for a collection of tips and tricks for Tower Brawl!

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Basic gameplay is fairly simple. During battle you can expand your tower in order to accommodate another fighter, up to six heroes total. You can also shuffle in order to draw three cards. Whenever you pick a one card, the other two cards disappear until you shuffle again.

If you shuffle and draw a duplicate card, then playing that card, it will triple the attack power of the hero that’s already on the tower. Upgrading your hero is extremely effective, and multiple upgrades can be compounded on the same hero to skyrocket their attack power. The earlier that you start upgrading your heroes, the more damage that you can do to enemy defenses early on.

There are many different ways to build your deck, but one of the most basic ways is to put the rarest heroes in first. Your rare heroes have higher basic attack power and health than your common and uncommon heroes. The more rare that your heroes are, the more health that your tower will have as well.

Different heroes also have a different set of affinitys; for example, adding three archers to your tower will cause all three of them to synergize with each other, affording them an available stat boost that you would not otherwise get. If you are getting beaten by players that seem to be weaker than you, then there’s a good chance that they are using this affinity, more wisely, so be sure to take a look at what you have before you start battling.

Every day you will be able to open three free treasure chests in the shop area. All that you have to do to unlock a treasure chest is watch an advertisement video; as soon as the video finishes, you will earn your free test. These chests often contain legendary and rare cards, as well as free diamonds, and gold.

Additionally, there are a number of other rewards that you can collect as you go. One of these is the quest rewards; not only are there, quest rewards, but achievement rewards as well, which are in the same menu, but a different tab. You can also collect level rewards, trophy, rewards, and battle pass rewards.

You can spend diamonds on summoning cards; if you do this, the cards will be of different rarities, and you may earn duplicate cards, but if you do, you will be able to upgrade them once you have enough cards. Upgrading your cards will increase both their health and their attack power, as well as give them new attributes.

There is a special game mode called the arena that opens up for two hours every Saturday. You have to have at least 1000 trophies to compete in the arena, but if you are eligible, then you can win some massive rewards by competing, so compete whenever you can.