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Disney Sorcerer’s Arena: Full Unlock Guide: How and Why to Unlock Every Function In the Game

Disney Sorcerer’s Arena has a giant list of new gameplay functions that you can unlock as you play through the game. At first, you have the campaign mode, which is still the primary part of the game, and which is how you progress through the story.

Like most mobile RPG’s, there is a ton of story to the game, but with new game modes you can do PvP, PvE, raid battles, dungeons, and find more ways to earn a ton of rewards.

Read on for a list of everything that you can unlock, how to unlock it, and more, in Disney Sorcerer’s Arena!

Heroes Campaign

Heroes Campaign is one of the first extras that you can unlock as you make your way through the game. To get the Heroes Campaign, all that you have to do is beat all of Level 2 of the Grand Campaign.

The Heroes Campaign has you build a team of heroes and only heroes (no villains allowed), for a special set of PvE story campaigns. These can provide new challenges and rarer rewards, as well as a unique storyline.

Villains Campaign

The Villains Campaign can be unlocked by having at least four villains in your collection of sorcerers.

The Villains Campaign is exactly what it sounds like – a special set of campaign quests where you can only use villains in your group, and no heroes. These have their own unique story, their own rewards, and their own challenges associated with them.

PvP Arena

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The PvP Arena can be unlocked when you hit Player Level 27, which is a pretty high level. Once you hit this, then PvP Arena will be open in the battle menu.

The PvP Arena will allow you to battle it out against other players. You can fight for trophies, to rank high in the arena, and to get bigger rewards, such as tokens, gems, coins, and plenty more.

Club Dungeon

Club Dungeon is one of the first unique things to unlock. You can unlock this one at Player’s Level 10.

First, you have to join a Club, which is like a guild where you and other players team up, trade energy, and more.

Then, you and your club can engage together in Club Dungeons, which are PvE battles where you and other players can take on enemies and win exclusive rewards.

Sorcerer’s Arena

The Sorcerer’s Arena is another type of PvP, where you and other players duke it out. Instead of trophies and arenas, though, you and other players fight for the better-ranked tournament number.

If you beat a player, you take their tournament number, but if you lose against another player or another player beats you while you’re offline, they will take your tournament number. You can unlock Sorcerer’s Arena at player level 11.


The Exchange unlocks at Player Level 12, and is another store. You can trade gems, coins, grand coins, tower coins, club coins, arena coins, tournament coins, and more, for all new items here.

Be sure to check back at the Exchange as often as possible, so that you can continually find new items.

Summoner Challenges

Summoner Challenges unlock at Player Level 15. These challenges have you set teams of very specific characters, completing very specific battles under specific conditions.

This makes most of them very tough, especially if you have highly optimized only specific characters, but this also allows you to earn some of the rarest rewards and other goodies in the game.

Club Conquest

Club Conquests unlock at Player Level 20. These allow you to battle it out alongside your club against other clubs.

Not two, but three clubs will battle it out at the same time, with the top club gaining supremacy and the biggest rewards.

Towers of Endurance

Towers of Endurance unlock at Player Level 25. These battles start off easy, then get very very intense as you go up the floors of the tower.

You can complete each floor of the tower only once, and when you do, you’ll earn a floor-specific set of rewards. So play as often as possible, especially just after upgrading and powering up your party, so that you can earn massive rewards.


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