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Seven Mortal Sins X-TASY: Guide to Unlocking Everything and What It All Does

Seven Mortal Sins X-TASY is a new gacha RPG for the iOS and Android platforms that converts various angels and demons from Christian and Jewish lore into anime girls and put you in control of them. You can engage in story battles, battle against other players in the arena, unlock hundreds of angels and demons, and earn a nearly limitless amount of rewards.

Most of the game is available from the second that you complete the tutorial, but there are still plenty of different things in the game that you can unlock as you progress through. These add new gameplay modes, new opportunities to earn rewards and bonuses, and a whole lot more.

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Read on for a full guide to unlocking everything in Seven Mortal Sins X-TASY!

Relics are a piece of equipment that boosts your statistics. Starshards will be available from the very beginning, but soulmirrors and bloodpacts can be unlocked at higher level, which are not specified within the game. These all are you to equip new types of relics that give you more specific, more significant, and more important statistical boosts.

The guild can be unlocked after you pass level 2–10 in the main story mode. This will allow you to join a guild and team up with a number of other players. You will be able to complete group quests, engage in raid battles, and earn rarer and bigger rewards than you otherwise would be able to just by playing by yourself.

In the summon area, a number of the summoning options will be available to begin with, but some of them will have to be unlocked by beating level 4–10. This includes Burning Forbearance, Soulmirrors, Love Around The Globe, and Soulmirrors Limited, which will give you a different variety of characters, as well as a chance to unlock Soulmirror relics.

There are two different arena modes in this game. The Limbus Arena can be unlocked after you beat main story 4–5. This is your standard PVP arena mode in which you battle it out against one other player.

The Grand Colosseum is the other arena. This one can be unlocked after you clear main story stage 10-10. This is a massive 15 versus 15 battle mode. This contains a best-of-three multi-party match tournament, where multiple players at a time can duke it out for rewards.

The adventure funds can be unlocked by spending $20 apiece. These are a sort of investment that gives you an initial diamond reward, but also adds a massive amount of diamonds onto your reward in exchange for completing story levels. This combination of money and time can provide far more diamonds than simply spending money on the game well.

Daily dungeons are designed to provide specific rewards, and can be unlocked at various junctions of the game. Gold Rush will give you gold and can be unlocked at Main Story 3-5. Mine Shards will give you character shards and can be unlocked at Main Story 4-10.

Go Evolve will give you evolution gems and can be unlocked at Main Story 2-10. Get Gremlins will earn you gremlins and can be unlocked after beating Main Story 4-5. Treasure Hunt will give you the rarest rewards and unlocks after Main Story 5-5.

Finally, limited event dungeons can be unlocked in the campaign area. All that you have to do is beat main story level 4–10, and both of the limited event options will unlock. These options are changed out frequently, as limited events expire and new limited events get added to the game.