Mirage Memorial Global: Full Unlock Guide – All Challenges, Character and Gear Upgrades, and more!

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Mirage Memorial Global is a wildly popular new gacha RPG featuring all sorts of historical figures, from King Arthur to George S Patton, turned into mostly scantily-dressed anime girls, who then battle it out against demons and other villains.

You have a ton of challenges that you can do besides the main stories, and a massive amount of ways to upgrade both your characters and the equipment that you give them, but they take quite awhile to unlock, usually requiring either a specific character level or for you to beat a specific stage in the story mode.

Read on for a guide on how to unlock everything, and why to unlock each specific thing, in Mirage Memorial Global!


These unlock when you beat level 2-8, but while the entire menu unlocks, you will only be able to do the Arena at first. Arena mode, of course, is your chief PvP mode, letting you battle it out against other players for rewards that increase depending on your arena tier.

Rewards include gold, Courage Medals, Training Tomes, and Star Gem Vouchers. The higher your rank, the more (and better) you get.

Team Boss Battle

This is the mode where you and many other players fight against Raid Bosses. You can unlock Team Boss Battle after beating Dungeon 3-6.

The main reason to play Team Boss Battle is to get Refine Essences and Super Upgrade Stones. Refine Essences are used for starring up your necklaces. Super Upgrade Stones give big experience point boosts to your gear.

The rewards are higher depending on how much damage you do to the boss in the given amount of time, Rewards reset each day.

The Borderlands Defense Battle

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This unlocks after you beat stage 5-8 in the story. The Borderlands Defense Battle’s main use is to unlock EXP cards and skill cards, so that you can level up your heroes and their skills. However, other rewards are often found here, too.

Desert Shrine

The Desert Shrine unlocks when you beat level 6-8. This is your standard Tower Climb mode. After you beat one floor, you move up to the next floor. The difficulty and the reward quality increase every time.

You can get Refine Stones and Tomes of Training here, among other goodies. The higher the floor of the tower, the greater the rewards.

Trial Corridor

Trial Corridor is another Tower Climber, but with far different rewards than the last one. This unlocks after Master (player) Level 30.

When you play here, you will be able to specialize in Supreme and Barricade, both of which are used to exchange servants when you’re in the Corridor.

Spa Scramble

You can unlock the Spa Scramble after reaching Master Level 30. This provides you with a number of idle quests that you can do. They take time to complete, then you can collect the rewards.

Your main drops here are Refine Stones and Gold.

Expedition/Battle against Raijuu

This requires Master Level 20 to unlock. Here you can earn Servant Cubes which allow you to unlock new Servants. Plus, you can also get Refine Stones.

Strife Battlefield

This also requires Master Level 20 to unlock. Here, you can earn Refine Stones as well as Super Upgrade Stones.


This also unlocks at Master Level 20. Join or start an Alliance and you can engage in all sorts of new gameplay, such as Alliance Dungeons.


This unlocks after beating Stage 3-2. Here, you can upgrade all of your skills in order to increase their power, their healing effectiveness, or the effects of their various buffs.


This unlocks after you beat Stage 3-4. Here, each character’s mercenaries (the little soldiers that follow them around) can be upgraded, and new mercs can be unlocked as well.


Unlocks at Master Level 42. We haven’t unlocked this one yet, so when we unlock it, we will update as to what it does.

Gear Identify

This unlocks at Master Level 32. This allows you to perform a specific upgrade to a weapon or armor that adds a secondary/tertiary attribute to it, such as higher crit rate or a stat that isn’t normally attributed to the equipment you’re upgrading.


Unlocks at Master Level 38. This allows you to unlock the ability to reroll the stats of the weapon or armor of your choice.


Requires Master Level 40. This allows you to upgrade a weapon or another piece of equipment to the next highest rarity.

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