Mirage Memorial Global: List of All Gift Codes and CDKeys, and How To Redeem Them

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Mirage Memorial Global is a new gacha RPG for the iOS and Android featuring plenty to do, between the solo story modes, the PvP modes, raid battles, and all kinds of other goodness. Of course, there are a ton of quests to complete in this game, in order to earn a large amount of rewards.

You can earn rewards for special events, quests, and missions, but one of the best sources of rewards is the free Gift Codes and CDKeys that are given out by the developers – and luckily, they tend to be VERY generous with gift codes, giving out plenty of them, allowing players to earn all kinds of free rewards.

To enter the gift codes, go to the main menu of the game and tap on your profile picture. Then tap on the gift code button, and you’ll get a text box and a prompt to enter a CDKey. Enter the code in, then you’ll be able to claim your reward.

One of the best sources for gift codes is the in-game chat. Another good source for gift codes is YouTube videos with reviews and impressions of the game. Many game related Youtubers have been given promo codes to give out to the public.

Official sources work just as well as the unofficial ones. Check the Facebook and Discord pages for the game to see if the developer has released any public gift codes. Oftentimes they are revealed as part of a promotional campaign for the game.

Of course, other good sources include Reddit, Twitter, unofficial Facebook groups for Mirage Memorial Global, and possibly even other social networks such as Instagram. Be sure to check the comment section for this website, as well.

To date, this is every single gift code that has been released for the game, for every server. As more gift codes get released, we will add them to the game. Until then, bookmark this page and keep your eyes peeled.

Please note that not every single gift code will work on every single server. Some gift codes are exclusive to the north America server, while other are exclusive to the Europe server. Still others are exclusive to the Asian servers. The only way to know is to try. Most of them, though, work on any server that you play on.

As follows, here is a complete list of every single working gift code that has been discovered it for Mirage Memorial Global. Try to enter every single one of them, and enjoy:











Keep in mind that these are case-sensitive. So even if the on-screen keyboard wants to make the first letter uppercase, you’ll have to manually make it lowercase yourself in order to be able to claim the reward properly.

These are all of the gift codes that have been discovered so far. Codes pop up surprisingly frequently in this game, so add your own working gift codes in the comments. We’ll add them to the article as we see and test them.

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