One-Punch Man: Road To Hero – List of Redeem Codes and How To Exchange Them For Gifts

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One-Punch Man: Road To Hero is a comedic new anime-based gacha RPG for the iOS and Android platforms about a regular guy who discovers that he has the power to defeat any enemy with one single punch.

From there your hero goes on a quest to discover his true potential as a superhero. You can play through multiple single player and multi player challenges, earn diamonds, cash, gacha tokens, equipment, and all sorts of other goodies.

Many of them come from quests and missions, but you can also earn plenty of free rewards using Redeem codes, or gift codes, that the developers give out and that you can exchange at any time.

To redeem a gift code, tap on your profile picture from the main menu. Then tap on the Redeem Codes button and enter a code. If the code works, you will receive an instant reward.

One of the best places to look for developer Redeem codes is on the official Facebook page of One-Punch Man: Road To Hero. This tends to be the place where they can run promotions and get the most reach, and where a large number is existing fans can be found, so it makes sense that the codes would be posted there.

Discord is another good place to look for Redeem codes for this game. Because of the large number of gamers that tend to congregate here, you’re likely to find new gift codes shared to here that you might not have seen elsewhere.

The best unofficial source to check is Reddit. There is an active subreddit for the game we are fans chat about in-game events, challenges, and more, including new gift codes when they find them.

Of course, bookmark this article, and check both of the article itself for updates, and the comment section for when our readers discover new codes. We keep this article updated constantly, both whenever we find new Redeem codes and when we add codes that readers have shared.

You can even check the in-game chat. While it doesn’t happen too often, sometimes random players will post gift codes thatThey’ve seen in the chat. If they do, save them and then try them out.

As follows, here is the list of gift codes that have been discovered so far:

DDG6ncis (or DDG6NCIS)

This code has been reported to work with either the last portion capitalized or lowercase, but not both. Whether it works with one or the other depends on the server.

Keep checking back here for more Redeem codes; as we find them, we will keep posting them.

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