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Oops! Dragon – Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Oops! Dragon is an idle RPG for the iOS and Android platforms that revolves around defeating slimes in order to earn equipment. You can get gold, rubies, rare and epic equipment, and far more, also unlocking new game modes such as hero challenges and PVP battles, using rubies to shop for rare goods such as turnips and silver coins, and fighting to become the best in the game.

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Each time that you fight, you use up meat on the bone, which is the form of energy in this game. For each enemy that you defeat, the game credits you were making one sausage, so when you get a quest telling you to make a certain number of sausages, simply defeat a number of enemies that is equivalent.

For each enemy that you defeat, you will get one piece of equipment, and you can choose whether to salvage it or use it to replace a piece of equipment that you already have. There there are a lot of statistics to consider but generally, the only one that you should be paying attention to is CP, or combat power. Even if some of the specific stats drop, as long as the CP increases, you should use that piece of equipment.

Be sure to consistently upgrade the fight level. When you do, you end up having a higher chance at earning a rare or epic piece of equipment, or even higher, than you would have before the upgrade. Rare equipment gives you a higher CP for the level you’re at, and gives you a better shot at beating tougher heroes in Hero’s Path.

Be sure to consistently advance your hero, as well. To advance your hero, you need to complete three separate quests, as well as earning enough experience points to do so. When you advance your hero to a new rank, you will increase their statistics significantly, as well as their chances at getting equipment with a higher level, and thus more CP.

The heroes path will allow you to fight against an increasingly tougher and tougher heroes; when you run across a hero that you can’t beat, upgrade your equipment in the main game for a while and then come back. As you progress through, you can earn premium rewards such as rubies, and you can earn more meat on the bone in case you run out of energy.

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Arena battles are fought against other players, and often, your chances of winning can be all over the place. The higher that you’re ranking is, the tougher the other players that you will face, so if you’re not winning for a while and want to earn some extra rewards, then take a break from the arena and play the main game for better equipment, or choose the easiest adversary possible.

There are a number of other modes that you can unlock also. Dragon God Trial, The Lost Tower, and Monster Siege, can all be unlocked as you make your way forward through the game. The mode of play changes and the difficulty increases the later that they are unlocked, but you can get extremely rare rewards by playing these frequently.

Once you unlock the guild, be sure to join one or start your own as soon as possible. Make sure to be in a guild with active players, so that you and your team can earn the most rewards possible, as quickly as possible.

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