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Dragon POW! – Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

Dragon POW is a new iOS and Android game where you play as a dragon and his rider, questing through levels and chasing down the evil demon lord. You can power up your dragon in a number of ways, play through battle waves and swallow the bosses whole once you defeat them, as well as upgrade and equip your dragon, and change its dragonform to make it extra powerful.

Additionally, you can earn rare, epic, excellent, and better gear, upgrade and switch between multiple dragon forms, load up on treasures to make your dragon more powerful, and blessings to increase the chaos on screen during the game, plus engage in raid and rift battles.

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What makes this game unique compared to other bullet hell shooters is that when you let go of the screen, your dragon can swallow shots from other enemies, and then when you press the screen again, your dragon will transform those shots into dragon fire. The fire from your dragons breath is far more powerful than the shots that it shoots normally, and with the blessings that you pick up as you move through battle waves, you can upgrade its breath almost endlessly.

Blessings are boosts that you can acquire as you gain levels and pass through waves, and arguably the best boosts are the ones that directly relate to dragon breath attacks. You can acquire different bombardments and other breath attack boosts, and when you compound them upon each other, they will have extra benefits as well, such as merging shots together and doing higher levels of damage.

Your dragon has an ultimate attack, which will come in handy as the stages get tougher; be sure to use your ultimate attack when you fight bosses, because while the bosses might be easy at first, they will become significantly tougher as you make your way through the game. This is especially true for raid battles.

Treasures are earned from wishes and from defeating and swallowing bosses. In between levels, go to the treasure area to manually activate your new treasures, as well as to refine them. You can have as many active treasures as you want, and while you have a limited number of refinement materials, you have enough to refine and upgrade multiple treasures, so pick the ones with the boosts that you like the most.

To get new dragonforms, you have to have a specific collection of two or three treasures. Once you have these treasures, you will be able to unlock a new form. Use wishes in order to get more treasures so that you can unlock more forms.

In order to get more gear, you have to make your way through the single player mode for a while until new variations of the shop are unlocked. After this happens, you will be able to purchase chests that allow you to get more gear.