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Dragons of Atlantis: Heirs of the Dragon: How to use your Great Dragon in battle and get dragon armor

In Dragons of Atlantis: Heirs of the Dragon, you start off the game with a brand new dragon, which is housed inside of a Dragon Keep. Every time that you upgrade your Dragon Keep, your dragon grows in both size and power. Even so, it’s annoying to see that you can’t use your dragon in battle right off the bat, or even for quite awhile after beginning the game. Read on to find out how to use your dragon in battle in Dragons of Atlantis: Heirs of the Dragon!

You can only use your dragon in battle once your Dragon Keep hits level 8, unfortunately. You start off with a little baby dragon (well, little is a subjective term with this dragon, but anyways), and as you level the keep up you’ll see your dragon grow and change. Statistics will also skyrocket every time that you upgrade your dragon, so by the time you upgrade it to level 8, you will have a seriously powerful dragon.

Beyond that, you need to have a fully equipped dragon, but you need to get dragon armor. So how do you get that? One of two ways. Dragon armor can be purchased using rubies, with one or two different chests. The Power Up Pack will earn you 1 piece of dragon armor as a part of a pack, and the Great Dragon Chest, which earns you one random piece of dragon armor.

The other way to earn dragon armor is through beating the Grodz Bases in the campaign mode, which can be accessed by going to the quest menu and tabbing over to campaigns. You have to beat the final (level 10) campaign in order to get the armor, and the Grodz bases can be REALLY tough to beat. In fact, forget about even having a chance against the level 10 base until you either unlock Fire Mirrors or have amassed an insane quantity of Giants, plus upgrades and a strong general or two.

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For an easy way to figure out how many troops each Grodz base has, send a tiny little army of maybe 11 minotaurs to each base, with the intent that they should die. Then, when you get the battle report, you will see exactly how many of Grodz’ troops fought in the battle.

Unlike the desktop version of the game, you can’t get any dragon armor from any of the Anthropus camps, even the level 10 ones. Only the Grodz battles will earn you the armor.