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Dragons of Atlantis – Heirs of the Dragon: How to get the Dragon Armor

Dragons of Atlantis – Heirs of the Dragon is the newest MMO strategy game by Kabam and, of course, is the iOS sequel to the original browser game Dragons of Atlantis. You start the game off with a Great Dragon in your Dragon Keep, and right from the beginning your dragon can defend your city. However, your dragon can’t participate in battle yet. How do you make it so that your dragon can participate? Get the dragon armor. How do you get the dragon armor? Read on!

First of all, there is a big misconception that you can’t attack Anthropus camps and other players without having the dragon armor. When you select your general, etc. for an attack, there will be a popup with a grayed out dragon that says you have to have all of the armor. Just hit the “next” button, and you’ll pass that screen and go to the troop select screen. You don’t need the dragon in order to attack Anthropus camps either.

However, you can’t get the dragon armor from attacking Anthropus camps, like you did back in the original Dragons of Atlantis. Attacking the Anthropus Camps will earn you all kinds of big prizes, especially as their levels increase, but none of them will earn you the dragon armor.

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Instead, there is only one way to earn the dragon armor. That is to go to Campaign Mode in order to enter the battles against the Grodz bases. To get to the Grodz base battles, go to the Quest screen and then tab over to Campaign. You’ll start with one Grodz base, and when you beat it you can attack the level 2 Grodz base. Beat that, and you can attack the level 3 Grodz base.

This continues through ten levels of Grodz bases. However, none of the first nine bases will earn you any Dragon Armor; however, they will earn you some extra resources with a chance at other prizes, which is always a good thing. Instead, once you beat the tenth Grodz base, you’ll earn the Dragon Armor.

If you are sick of being patient for all of the troop training and unlocking, and you just want the Dragon Armor, you can always spend rubies in the item store for chests. The Great Dragon Chest will give you one random piece of Dragon Armor.

The game is set up so that every dragon (almost) will have a different set of Dragon Armor, since the Armor that you earn is randomized. But once you beat the level 10 Grodz base, it is all yours!