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Dragons of Atlantis: Heirs of the Dragon Tips and Tricks Guide – Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Dragons of Atlantis: Heirs of the Dragon is a new MMO strategy game by Kabam for the iPhone and other iOS devices. This game differs the most from Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North in that you have a dragon that you can play with, just like in the original Dragons of Atlantis. In Dragons of Atlantis: Heirs of the Dragon, too, the dragon hatches immediately, and it’s not too far into the game that you can use it during battle. Read on for some tips and tricks for Dragons of Atlantis: Heirs of the Dragon!

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Initlal progress in the game is slow, but it speeds up significantly once you are able to use the dragon in battle. In order to be able to use the dragon, first upgrade the dragon’s keep to level 8. Then, get all of the armor that you need for the dragon. You can get the armor by defeating Grodz and other random folks in the Anthropus camps, or by buying it with rubies.

Anthropus camps are initially fairly tough even at level 1, so crank up your resource buildings rapidly in order to afford to train more Halberdiers and Conscripts. Ideally, train a few thousand Halberdiers and you will be able to start taking on level 1 through 3 Anthropus camps, or if you train thousands and thousands of Conscripts, you can possibly do the same thing.

Load up on porters, and later, on later on, on the armored transports. The faster that you unlock the more powerful troops, the faster that you can use tougher players and tougher Anthropii to raid resources.

Dragons of Atlantis: Heirs of the Dragon may have just been released worldwide, but it’s been out since this spring in Canada, meaning that there are a number of strong alliances that you can try to join and also that there are a number of abandoned kingdoms on the map. Use abandoned kingdoms as an easy way to raid resources, because they will either be woefully underprotected or have no army to speak of whatsoever.

For other easy raids on active players, look for players who appear to be active (e.g. every time you go to the regional map, their power level has increased slightly). Spy on them to see if the have any troops around. Oftentimes they may be sending out their entire army to attack someone else, meaning easy pickings for you.

Normally, buildings take longer to upgrade with each successive level that they are upgraded to; however, homes, for some reason, only take 1 minute each to upgrade up until about level 9, so instead of spreading out your upgrades evenly among all of your homes, upgrade one at a time to extremely high levels.

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