My Muppets Show Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

My Muppets Show is a new game by Disney and Big Blue Bubble for iOS and Android. You have just taken over a trashed and destroyed theater, and your goal is to renovate the theater and get every muppet in the band onto the stage, one by one. Each time that you add a new muppet, a new musical instrument will be added to the game’s music, meaning that you the further you go, the richer the soundtrack gets. Read on for some tips and tricks for My Muppets Show for iOS and Android!

You don’t have to only use the space on the stage to build your structures, place your decorations and hire your muppet performers. You can use all of the space between the stage and the crowd, too, meaning you have a lot more room to place things. Get rid of the traffic cones and other trash as soon as possible for even more room to place things.

Once you build Harv-E, start synthesizing muppets together to go for new muppets as soon as possible, so that they can earn you even more coins. The more muppets, the more coins you earn. Use the food upgrades first on the ones that hold the highest amount of maximum coins, so that when you return after a while of not playing, you can collect large quantities of coins. Animal is a good one to upgrade to high levels right off the bat.

When looking for friends to add, look in either the iTunes or Google Play app stores, look at the reviews and look for people who have posted their friend codes, and then add them. Another idea is to post your friend code in the comments section below, and then let people add you or add other people who have.

The most cost effective way to get more food if you are playing the game actively (and if you are fast with your fingers) is to order the fish over and over, and collect them every 30 seconds. However, order the cake if you aren’t playing that often, or the cheeseburger, whichever fits in better with your playing style.

Check out the info for each one of the muppets to find out what their likes are. Build the decorations they like to increase their happiness, which in turn will cause them to earn you more coins per minute.

This game has a Tapjoy offer wall which is a great way to earn free diamonds, so if you decide to complete offers and use it, then spend your diamonds on speed ups rather than on muppets, unless you come across a muppet who you just can’t seem to get Harv-E to make.

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