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Dragons of Atlantis – Heirs of the Dragon: Guide to the Grodz Bases in Campaign Mode

Dragons of Atlantis – Heirs of the Dragon contains 10 different campaign bases, known as the Grodz bases, in which you fight against the armies of Grodz, the Anthropus warlord. The initial bases are very weak, but after that the bases become more and more powerful. Once you defeat all ten of the Grodz bases, you can earn dragon armor, thus allowing you to use your great dragon in battle, so you’ll want to beat the Grodz bases as soon as possible. Read on for a guide on the Grodz bases as well as waht kind of troops they have and how to beat them!

The first Grodz base contains only 5 porters. The second Grodz base contains 25 Conscripts. The third one contains 1,000 porters and 400 conscripts. The fourth one contains 500 Halberdiers and 500 Minotaurs. The fifth base contains 600 Longbowmen. The sixth base contains 1,000 Swift Strike Dragons. The seventh base contains 1,500 Longbowmen and 1,000 Halberdiers. The eighth base contains 500 Battle Dragons, while the ninth base contains 600 Battle Dragons and 260 Giants. It’s currently unknown what the tenth base contains.

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Beating the first 3 bases is so easy it’s a joke. Even the third one, with 1,000 porters and 400 conscripts is extremely easy because porters are almost completely helpless, and 400 conscripts are easy prey for approximately 150 Halberdiers or Minotaurs, or a mix of the two.

The fourth base is where things get tough. You’ll want to train over 500 of both minotaurs and halberdiers, in addition to the conscripts that you should already have from the old battles. Swift Strike Dragons help, as well. The fifth base should be easily beaten by about 500 Swift Strike Dragons or 300 Swift Strike Dragons and around 400-500 Minotaurs, since they have so many hit points. The sixth base is beatable if you have at least 1,100 Swift Strike Dragons, and preferably the troops that you used in old battles such as minotaurs, halberdiers and longbowmen to add to your numbers.

The seventh base should be beatable for 1,500 to 2,000 Swift Strike Dragons, but it will be easier once you unlock the Battle Dragons. The eighth base should be beatable by at least 600 Battle Dragons, or at least 3,000 Swift Strike Dragons. The ninth base should be beatable if you have at least 1,200 Battle Dragons. As for trying to beat it with the Swift Strike Dragons, forget it, unless you have somewhere in the neighborhood of 10,000 of them.

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