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Dragons of Atlantis – Heirs of the Dragon: Attack Guide – How to win battles

Dragons of Atlantis – Heirs of the Dragon has plenty of battles to fight. Like all MMO strategy games, Dragons of Atlantis – Heirs of the Dragon pits you against other players as you try to destroy their kingdoms. You get to fight Anthopus Camp battles, as well, which are the game’s version of Player Vs Computer battles. The Grodz battles, though, are extremely tough, yet are required in order to unlock the ability to use your Great Dragon in battle. Read on for some tips and tricks on how to win battles in Dragons of Atlantis – Heirs of the Dragon!

Winning battles is essentially a numbers game. You start off with nearly-worthless Conscripts, which are good for attacking level 1 Wilds and… well, not much else. Your first goal should be to ignore the Conscripts and start unlocking new troops. Porters will carry your stolen resources back with them, so always make sure to have a good supply of them on hand.

Halberdiers and Minotaurs are worthwhile early on. Train large numbers of those two, especially the Minotaurs. Longbowmen will be unlocked next, and due to their range, they are great for attacking from the back and not taking damage while the Minotaurs and others fight at the front. The short range troops will be the first ones to take damage while the long range troops will only take damage once the short range troops have been killed.

As you continue further you’ll unlock the Swift Strike Dragons, which are a strong troop, and in large numbers they are good for winning most of the Grodz battles, as well as defeating levels 3-5 Anthropus Camps. Battle Dragons are far more powerful than Swift Strike Dragons, and should be good for defeating up to 8 of the Grodz Battles, as well as higher level Anthropus Camps.

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You can also unlock your Armored Transports, which, like the Porters, are a carrier troop, but they are far more heavily defended and carry far more resources with them.

Finally, your top 2 troops that you can unlock are the Giants and the Fire Mirrors. These two troops are extremely powerful, and will help you win the final two Grodz battles, which will then allow you to unlock the Great Dragon in battle. Once you have these troops, the high level Anthropus Camps will be made short work of, and you’ll easily be able to defeat other players, especially by constantly training more and more of them.

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