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War Dragons – Tips, Tricks, Hints, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

War Dragons is a new dragon raising game from Pocket Gems, who is far more well known for Dragon Story. This, unlike those, is mostly about battling against other players, rather than simply about collecting dragons and having them. You raise dragons of multiple element types, use them to strafe and attack enemy islands, and improve your own island to load up on food, wood and gold, as well as to fortify it heavily against rivals. Read on for some tips and tricks for War Dragons!

This is a PvP game, and how well you do depends on many factors. Chief among them is how few dragons you can destroy everything on an opponent’s island with. The less dragons that you use, the more goodies and experience that you will earn, and the more bonus flames, so use one dragon if at all possible. Scout out each area beforehand in order to make a plan for what order you are going to destroy stuff in.

Load up on towers, and expand your territory in order to fill it with more defensive towers. Some towers, such as the lightning tower, will be far more effective and do more damage if you place them near each other; other than these, use a big variety of both short- and long-range towers to do maximum damage to opposing players’ dragons.

To level up your dragons, you are going to need experience points and food. Earn more experience points in battles, and then use the food to train your dragons. To level up a weak dragon, send them into battle first, then when they die, send your strong dragon into battle, Any dragon that is used in battle will gain experience points; any dragon that is not used, will gain no experience.

Always be sure to complete Ash’s missions as well as the Dragon Guard’s missions. Ash’s missions will earn you assorted bonuses, such as more food or wood, or rubies, which are the premium currency of the game. The Dragon Guard missions will earn you egg tokens, which will earn you free egg tokens. Auxiliary missions will also earn rewards and help you build up your base.

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One of the best uses of your rubies is to purchase one of the very rare, epic or legendary dragons. Some of them are not available by any means other than buying them using rubies (these are few and far between, though), and especially if you happen upon a whole lot of rubies early on in the game, these can boost your performance heavily.