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Little Dragons (iOS + Android) Breeding Guide: How to crossbreed dragons

Little Dragons is a dragon collection game with a nice, humorous twist, that should especially be enjoyed by those who have played games like DragonVale, Dragon Story or the Facebook game Dragon City. Breeding your dragons is a bit of a twist compared to the above games, and it can be a pain in the rear sometimes, but it’s certainly worth it to get all of those rare dragons.

One of the bizarre twists to the breeding system in this game is that instead of a dragon becoming an actual hybrid (meaning, a dragon of two or more types), it becomes an entirely different type, and it needs an entirely different habitat in order for you to be able to place it on your island. For example, the coastal rock dragon needs a coastal rock habitat, even though it is a dragon that is bred out of both island and desert dragons. It can’t go into either the desert habitat or the island habitat.

Anyways, to crossbreed dragons, first, you have to gain a high enough experience level to where you are able to unlock the crossbreeding building. This happens at level 6. Once you hit that level, buy the crossbreeding building and place it somewhere on your island.

Next, after you do that, make sure that two different dragons are leveled up to at least level 5. You can level them up by feeding them Energy that you’ve collected from the Energy Well. Dragons have to be level 5 or higher in order to breed. Breed them, and then when their time breeding is done, put the egg that they make in the nursery. When the egg is ready to hatch, tap on it, and it will tell you that you need the specific habitat in order to place it on your island. Buy the required habitat, and then place it on the island, and put your newly hatched dragon in it.

Keep breeding dragons, and especially keep breeding your crossbreed dragons together to discover all kinds of new dragons. Then raise these new dragons up to level 5, breed them again and again, and you’ll have all sorts of weird and wonderful dragons. Use the iPhone time trick to set the time ahead to breed and/or hatch them right away if you are not patient enough to wait for them to hatch and/or breed.