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DragonVale World: Full Breeding Guide and Combination List

DragonVale World is the second game in the DragonVale series, and like the first, you can breed all kinds of dragons in this game. There is a nearly limitless variety of these dragons, but it’s possible to get all of them and load up your island with them. Read on for some tips and tricks for how to get all of the dragons in DragonVale World!

To start off with, there are two breeding areas. The first one is the Breeding Cave which you begin the game with. The other is the Epic Breeding Island, which costs 250 gems and which can breed all of the same dragons, but it has a better chance at earning you rare, or 3-4 star dragons, compared to the Breeding Cave. Also, there are enchanted versions of every one of the dragons listed below, which are identical but rarer and earn you more coins and prizes. Enchanted dragons can be bred using the same combinations as the standard dragons.

Here is the list of combinations that you need in order to breed all of the dragons. Keep in mind that for any of the two-part dragons, the types are side-sensitive. You’re more likely to get a Wildfire Dragon by putting the Fire type on the left, for example, and the jungle one on the right, and vice versa for the Flytrap Dragon.

Fire Dragon = buy in shop or breed fire + anything else
Jungle Dragon = buy in shop or breed jungle + anything else
Wildfire Dragon = fire + jungle
Flytrap Dragon = jungle + fire
Venom Dragon = earth + jungle
Earth Dragon = buy in shop or breed earth + anything else

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Thermal Dragon = fire + earth
Magma Dragon = earth + fire
Oasis Dragon = jungle + earth
Underbrush Dragon = earth + jungle
Cinder Dragon = fire, earth, jungle (any combination of the three)
Frozen Dragon = buy in shop or breed frozen + anything else
Frostburn Dragon = fire + frozen

Thaw Dragon = frozen + fire
Alpine Dragon = jungle + frozen
Fir Dragon = frozen + jungle
Wooly Dragon = earth + frozen
Tundra Dragon = frozen + earth
Water Dragon = buy in shop or breed frozen + anything else

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