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Oops! Dragon – Full Redeem Code List and Guide

Oops! Dragon is an idle RPG for the iOS and Android platforms that revolves around defeating slimes in order to earn equipment. You can get gold, rubies, rare and epic equipment, and far more, also unlocking new game modes such as hero challenges and PVP battles, using rubies to shop for rare goods such as turnips and silver coins, and fighting to become the best in the game.

One rare source of rewards in this game is the redeem codes that are given out by the developers. They are released for promotional reasons, and act as a coupon code that can be exchanged for all kinds of goodies, especially premium currency.

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Read on for a list of redeem codes, how to find more of them, and how to use them in Oops! Dragon!

In order to use one of these codes, first, you have to get through most of the tutorial, until you are able to click on whatever you want. Next, tap on your avatar, which is in the top left corner of the screen.

After you do that, tap on the button that says “service“. Once you do that, the settings menu will open. Tap on the button that says “redeem code“ and type your code or copy and paste it in, then hit the “exchange“ button to get your reward instantly.

So where do you go about finding codes for this game? A good reliable source is the official Facebook page for the game. Scroll up and down the feed and look through the pictures for codes. You can also look through Facebook groups that are related to the game to see if players have shared any codes.

Check any other official page on any other social media network that you can find, as well. Look on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and other social networks for an official page run by the developer, as those are likely to share codes as well.

Check YouTube and Twitch for videos and streams that contain codes. Streamers and Youtubers frequently get access to codes that the developers don’t post on their social media profiles, because the developers send out these codes in order to promote the game. Creators use the same codes to promote their channels, and you can benefit from that by using these codes.

Look for a Subreddit for the game and go there, and once you do, look for posts that contain codes. If you see a thread by players asking for codes, read the comments to see if somebody has replied with any codes of their own. Of course, if you have codes that you don’t see posted, be sure to share them.

Go to whichever App Store that you downloaded this game from, be at Apple or Google, and look through the reviews to see if anybody has added a review containing codes. Start with the newest reviews first, then work your way down to the oldest. Be sure to post a review that contains coodes if you have some that you don’t see shared.

As of right now, no codes have been shared for this game yet. However, the developer is sure to share codes fairly soon, so keep an eye on this article, because as soon as we find them, we will post them so that you can use them.