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Disney Crossy Road: How to get Hamm for free, page 2

If you get a duplicate character from the gacha, then you will earn pixels instead. Pixels are a secondary currency in the game, and they are used to open up a second form of gacha. When you have 500 pixels, you will be able to take a spin from this second Gacha.

This second Gacha has a higher chance of earning you Hamm, because it will earn you a new character every single time that you spin it. No matter how many characters you have already unlocked, you will get a new (non-secret) character, including Hamm.

That means that if you want a sure thing for unlocking Hamm, then first, you need to unlock all of the characters that are available from the first gacha. Then, collect 500 pixels. If your last character left to unlock is Hamm, then you will have a 100% chance of unlocking Hamm in the pixel gacha.

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If Hamm is anything like the piggy bank in Crossy Road, then when you unlock him, you will get an additional coin bonus. This should most likely be around 500 coins, but it has not been confirmed yet.

Don’t bother buying every other character with real life money just to get Hamm from the gacha, though. It’s far cheaper, and far quicker, to simply purchase Hamm from the IAP store and then use the coins that you earn using Hamm to unlock all of the other characters.

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